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Why partner with MDLIVE?

We’ll work side-by-side with you to create a telehealth strategy for your Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans that gives seniors convenient options that reduce costly ER care and readmissions. Our flexible framework helps assure that you’re always compliant with ever-changing CMS regulatory requirements.

Significantly reduce ER use throughout your Medicare plan populations

Reduce costly admissions and readmissions

Comprehensive solutions that improve care coordination

Proven engagement strategies that help Medicare members understand and use telehealth

Over 200 customizable, CMS-compliant marketing materials that are also available in Spanish

AI-powered Sophie chatbot makes signup as fast and easy as texting

NIH case study finding

The way older adults use technology is changing. A 2011 study found that older adults used video conferencing with healthcare providers more frequently than younger adults.* Adding telehealth services to your Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans is a great way to contain costs, improve outcomes and give seniors easy-to-use, affordable access to urgent care.

*”Older adults and technology: in telehealth, they may not be who you think they are,”
National Institutes of Health, January 3, 2018.