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Why partner with MDLIVE?

As your compliance partner, we offer the nation’s largest network of board-certified telemedicine providers. We’ll work side-by-side with you to develop telehealth benefits members that contain healthcare costs and creates innovative solutions to your most complex care challenges.

Close gaps in care to improve HEDIS and other care quality measures

Increase ROI and cost savings by redirecting costly ER and urgent care

Expanded access to care that addresses the healthcare needs of more transient members

Mobile-first digital strategies to continuously engage members using language they understand

A robust suite of customizable, CMS-compliant, bilingual digital marketing tools

AI-powered Sophie chatbot makes signup as fast and easy as texting

Creative partnership yields innovative solution

To address provider shortages, contain costs and improve utilization of telehealth services, one of California’s largest Medicaid plans worked in collaboration with MDLIVE to develop an innovative strategy that propelled telehealth utilization to 5% in just one month post-launch.