Why partner with MDLIVE?

MDLIVE’s secure platforms ensure that your patients will have immediate, convenient access to one of the nation’s largest network of telehealth providers via voice, video and mobile devices.

Improved healthcare for at-risk populations

Ability to optimize provider schedules to allow top-of-license work

Convenient, patient-focused consumer experience

Proven strategies to drive utilization and increase revenue

Increase market brand awareness and loyalty

AI-powered Sophie chatbot makes signup fast and easy

We offer a complimentary virtual care assessment.

Expand your enterprise

  • Remove barriers to quality care in underserved areas
  • Resolve critical gaps in care

  • Reduce costs and expand revenue across your enterprise
  • Improve both patient satisfaction and provider workflow

  • Enhance care coordination and readiness for value-based care
  • Use care automation tools to ensure high-quality care via evidence-based protocols

Build on the trust you’ve earned in your community.

MDLIVE goes beyond allowing you to treat patients remotely. We’ve partnered with some of the nation’s most trusted and recognized health systems, health plans and hospitals to help them close gaps in care, improve care quality and outcomes, decrease emergency room visits, reduce readmissions and prevent the need for costlier, riskier care. We’ve helped communities like yours address the needs of at-risk populations with whole-enterprise solutions that improve and expand care, raise patient satisfaction and reduce costs and inefficiencies across entire organizations. In short, we help you deliver the right care at the right time – when and where your patients need it most. Our partners include:








Case study

Find out how MDLIVE helped Cone Health expand access to low-acuity care for more than 16,000 Virginians and North Carolinians and save as much as $500,000 in urgent care and ER visits in 2018.